Special Paints

Special paint is composed of non-continuous use and going beyond conventional products. They are more refined technical application materials, which produce various effects according to a series of combinations in each of the application steps, including finishing.

In order to have an idea of the versatility of application and quality provided, the clients who seek differentiation through special painting are of the most varied segments, from the customization of vehicles, for which the line was initially created, painting of toys, model aircrafts, articles for fishing, decoration, jewelry and personalization of computers, among many others.

For this scenario, Turbo Tintas developed a specific line aimed at personalization. The initial goal was to meet those fascinated with vehicle customization - competition or street - who wanted an exclusive design with different colors and effects. However, due to the need of the market and the versatility of the products, a line of high quality was created and allows finishing and incredible effects, allowing its application in the most diverse sectors. Customers can do everything from simple customization to extremely elaborate, high-level projects.

Remember, the limit is your imagination