Training & Workshops

Combining theory and practice, the courses and workshops by Turbo Tintas and its authorized partners aim to transmit the necessary content for a high-performance work in the special paint and customization segment.

During the events, all the necessary information is replicated to ensure the applications safely and to encourage the development of the creativity. See below for the training models and presentations available.

Paint Preparation

Starting a good job requires good preparation. This module was developed to convey to the student all that he needs to know to perform quality work with the preparatory line, with identification of surfaces, promotion of adhesion, diverse corrections with masses and specific primers.


Finishing – TopClear/Vernish

The conclusion of all special painting work requires specific care, so the result is always surprising. In this module, we present the necessary steps for the finishing phase, applications of varnishes and possible effects, ending with the basics of polishing the items.


Modular Training – Effects

Modular training´s main objective is theoretical and practical presentation of the application and possibilities of using specific effects. Modules are available for major categories of special paint such as chameleon, candy, fluorescent, marbled and phosphorescent.


Intensive - Special Paint and Hydrographics

Developed in partnership with PROJFIX, combining theory and practice, the intensive course allows the student to have access to all the information necessary to perform the technique with quality and safety, according to his creativity, in the works of special painting and hydrographic painting.




This program was developed to promote the demonstrations of application of Turbo Tintas products and its partners, at the place of the customer’schoosing, such as their workshop, studio or art school. The goal is to present every imaginable combination of special paint, as well as the creation of effects and the main possibilities of the products.

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